Veterinarians named 5 mistakes that cat owners often make and how to avoid them


February 25, 2022, 06:04 | Animals

Veterinarians warned cat owners about the five most common mistakes in keeping pets.

Veterinarians named 5 mistakes that cat owners often make and how to avoid them

Many people love cats very much, but excessive care can harm a pet. Veterinarians explained what mistakes cat owners often make and how to avoid them. Anyone who has a cat wants only the best for their pet. However, many people imagine that the life of a cat is much easier than it really is. In everyday life there are many traps that can cause great harm to an animal, and a person may not even notice them, informs Ukr.Media.

Toilet for a cat

Astrid Behr from the Federal Association of Veterinary Practitioners explained that the owner of the animal should always keep the cat's litter box, food and water separate. It is very important that the toilet tray is located away from the feeder. It should be taken into account that most cats prefer toilets without a lid, in which they can easily turn around. Otherwise, it may happen, for example, that your pet may get dirty.

Attitude towards the cat

If you want a cat, it is better to get two, because the animals are very sociable. It is wonderful when pets, ideally from the same litter, communicate perfectly with each other. And if the owners are not at home for several hours, the animals do not feel lonely, said Astrid Behr. Another "pitfall" in the maintenance of pets: windows in the house or apartment where cats live should never be fully opened. Cats can try to climb through them, get stuck and cause serious internal damage or even die. If you cannot do without open windows, they should be equipped with protective devices.

Aft "trap"

< p>If the kitten looks at you with sad eyes and perhaps emphasizes its look with a facial expression, many owners try to calm it down with food. But the veterinarian warns: “the cat will remember that the food follows his manipulation.” As a result, the cat will always terrorize you in the future when it wants to eat. Behr added that under no circumstances should cats be overfed. Obesity is just as harmful to pets as it is to humans. If you cannot control the amount of food for your pet, you should ask your veterinarian to calculate the amount of food that your cat needs. If possible, never exceed this value, cats like to eat small portions throughout the day, advises Astrid Baer.


Cats – hunters love to play, so owners should keep them in good shape as much as possible. However, the veterinarian warns that cat rods or toys with long strings should be removed after playing, because pets play with them even when the owners are not at home. Cats can get injured, get tangled, you always need to clean things for sewing if there are needles in them. Cats often play with the thread and swallow it together with the needle – this can lead to serious internal injuries.

Cats and indoor plants

< p>Such popular indoor plants as azalea, poinsettia, and dieffenbachia are poisonous to cats — you need to know that. In addition, water at the bottom of flower pots can become problematic for cats if it contains fertilizers. It can also be dangerous for your pet if he suddenly wants to drink it. Therefore, before buying indoor plants, it is best to find out whether it can be dangerous for your cat.


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