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“Vice-Versa 2: we saw the latest Pixar film before its release, here is our critical opinion”

Vice-Versa 2: we saw the latest Pixar film before its release, here is our critical opinion

Réalisé par : Kelsey Mann Avec : Amy Poehler, Lewis Black, Liza Lapira, Tony Hale, Phyllis Smith, Adèle Exarchopoulos Genre : Dessin animé Sortie le 19/06/2024 3 /5 (1 avis) Donnez votre avis Synopsis Voir la bande-annonce Trouver une séance Vos avis

Vice-Versa 2: we saw the latest Pixar film before its release, here is our critical opinion

The latest film from Pixar studios was finally released this Wednesday in cinemas. We saw "Vice-Versa 2" before its release: is it as good as the first ?

It's one of the most anticipated films of the year. After its success, s in 2015,  Vice-Versa is back for a second episode this Wednesday, June 19 at the cinema. Riley is now a thriving 13-year-old girl, until she is born. until the teenage crisis turns his daily life upside down. After the first episode, the bet of a sequel was daring. . And obviously, this second part does not benefit from the surprise effect of the first film. We find in Vice-Versa 2 the emotions that we knowîicirc;icirc;Joy, Disgust&ucirc (t, Anger, Fear and Sadness), overshadowed by the new emotions that accompany Riley now that she is a teenager: ;Envy, Boredom, Embarrassment and above all Anxiety.

If the universe, the characters, the colors, the settings and the narrative mechanics (a journey into Riley's brain and a battle of emotions for control) are familiar and border on the feeling of déjà vu, the director Kelsey Mann tries to infuse it with more complexity, adolescence obliges. New concepts are making their entrance, notably nostalgia, guilty pleasures, but above all "belief system" in itself, which shapes the identity of the person by Riley.  Through the ideas of friendship that fade and are created, the personal and selfish ambitions, the dreams à realize… Vice-Versa 2 paints a very rich and tender portrait of this ungrateful age. whereù we start at shape your future adult, far from the usual clichés.

There is already lots of elements in this second episode of Vice-Versa, sometimes too much, and we can regret that attention is not focused more on the upheavals of puberty. from an emotional point of view in a large fresco. But that's because the subject of the film tackles ;nbsp;a deeper evil which affects adolescents and sometimes follows them until the end of their life. Adulthood: Anxiety in the Summer. This is the real whirlwind of this film, the one that seeks to escape. protect us to the point of completely paralyzing us. Anxiété is a colorful new character, magnificently interpreted. by Dorothée Pousséo in VF, which gives rise to the most moving scene of the film, in its finale. 

Unfortunately, it's the only one of this ilk, since the emotional power of this second opus remains diminished  compared to the first film which brought spectators to the floor (with the unforgettable Bing-Bong in particular),  Vice-Versa 2 lack of pivotal moments that overwhelm us and push us to further action. put certain moments of our lives into perspective. The fault, mainly, à a cartoonish road trip of the main emotions to please the little ones which weighs down the rhythm and the subject. But Vice-Versa 2 remains a very good animated film and a good Pixar, that the fans from the studio will discover with pleasure at the cinema.

Synopsis – Riley is now 13 years old. And the time for the adolescent crisis has visibly come, since the seat of emotions becomes a chaotic place. the precarious balance!

In the United States, the film was released on June 14. And it has already been released. broke a record for its first weekend of operation: Vice-Versa 2 has already  garnered 295 million dollars at the worldwide box office, and with this score achieves the best start of all time for an animated film.

At the same time, the animated film has already been released. raffle 155 million dollars at the North American box office according to the specialist firm Exhibitor Relations, whose data is shared by the AFP. both second best start to a Pixar film across the Atlantic (behind The Incredibles 2) and for best start to a film since the release of Barbiein July 2023. Let's see if the French respond and are also present this Wednesday.

Remember that the public has huge expectations before seeing Vice-Versa 2& nbsp;at the cinema. It must be said that the first episode had been released in a real popular and critical success, winning the Oscar for best animated film in 2016. The trailer for the sequel was released. also proven the enormous expectation of the public, since it was seen nearly 157 million times, reports AFP.



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