Victim's mother fights to stop killer from accessing her bitcoins

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Victim’s mother fights to keep killer from accessing her bitcoins

William Sandeson has been found guilty of the unpremeditated murder of Taylor Samson.

William Sandeson has another legal battle on his hands, this time over a sum of bitcoins.

The ex-med student was found guilty on Saturday second degree murder of Taylor Samson. The facts occurred in August 2015 and the accused is due to receive his sentence in April.

Taylor Samson's mother, Linda Boutilier, and her other son, Connor Samson, also launched a wrongful death lawsuit against William Sandeson in December.

Linda Boutilier, mother of murder victim Taylor Samson, speaks to reporters outside the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia in Halifax in October 2015.

As part of this lawsuit, Samson family attorney James Goodwin sought and obtained a temporary injunction to restrain William Sandeson from recovering a laptop computer.

L computer had been seized by police as part of their investigation into the murder of Taylor Samson.

William Sandeson asked the trial judge in his murder case to recover the computer. #x27;laptop. He had testified to having a bitcoin wallet in his computer, which he said was worth $8,000 to $10,000.

In his request for an injunction, Me Goodwin told the court in December that there could be up to $250,000 in bitcoins on that computer.

Me Goodwin argues that if the victim's family goes to trial, Bitcoin wallet funds could be paid to him as compensation.

William Sandeson, front, is seen with Taylor Samson in hallway security camera footage from his apartment the night Tylor Samson was killed.

William Sandeson had applied for the laptop in hopes that these funds would help pay his attorney fees.

While a Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge granted the temporary injunction in December, he also imposed a publication ban on the proceedings to protect the public. Sandeson's fair trial rights in the murder case.

This publication ban was formally lifted during a court appearance on Thursday. However, the injunction on the laptop remains in place and the case will return to court in May.

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