Video | Apple fires a top executive for these vulgar comments on TikTok

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Video | Apple fires top exec for these vulgar comments on TikTok

< p>Daniel MacIt doesn't stop: he sees a big car, approaches the driver and asks what the driver is. He dedicates himself to be able to afford a high-end vehicle. Live off of it. Your TikTok profile is on. full of successful businessmen and millionaires who explain their tasks to look racing cars that touch seven figures. At a car showheld on August 18 in California, Mac ran into with an exclusive Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren. It was driven by a large man in a turquoise suit and a United Kingdom flag shirt. By itself he gave the note, but he did it even more by making some vulgar comments (and viral). That big mouth is a top executive of Apple and his words have cost him his job.

Tony Blevins, vice president ofacquisitions for the company, arrived to an event with an SLR, of which only 2,157 units were manufactured. A car that, if it is for sale in Spain is around 750,000 euros. In the copilot's seat there was a woman, to complete all the clichés.

Video | Apple fires top exec over vulgar comments on TikTok

Tony Blevins in the TikTok video that cost him his job at Apple.


“What a job this man has”

The businessman opened the door. one of the seagull wingsHe got out of the car and answered the phone. to Mac's question with some out of place statements. In fact, the 'tiktoker', who has more than 13 million followers, already warns users: “What a job this man has.”

“I have expensive cars, I play golf and I caress women with big breastsBlevins commented as he got out of the car. “But I take weekends and major holidays off. Also, if you are interested, I have a fabulous dental plan”, he added between laughs. The video was posted on the social network on September 5 and his words did not go unnoticed: it has 1.4 million views and over 140,000 likes.

Blevins handled supplier deals and partners, and excelled at reducing supply chain costs >.When Apple's management learned of these statements, it opened an internal investigation that has ended with the dismissal of the businessman, sources close to the case have explained to Bloomberg.

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