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Video games an exclusively male environment? Not at all!

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The number of players (and therefore female players) is only increasing! This is what we learn from the new figures fromSELL (Syndicat des Éditeurs de Software de Loisirs), which each year tell us how many French people play video games.< /p>

7 French people out of 10

This year, 39.1 million French people of all ages are playing video games! This represents 7 French people out of 10, which is absolutely huge. It should still be noted that among these 72%, 54% are considered regular players, who play at least once a week.

Male-female parity soon

It has been many years since the ion has been able to see with the figures given by the SELL, that male-female parity is almost achieved, since players in France represent 52% for 48% women.

Video games an exclusively male environment? Not at all!


Concerning regular players more specifically, the percentage changes minimally with 53% men to 47% women. Suffice to say that from now on, it will only take a short time before parity between male and female players is perfectly achieved, thus breaking the stereotype which evokes a predominantly male environment.

A surprise all the same

Where the figures about players can be surprising, however, is their age. No one will be surprised to learn that 93% of 10-14 year olds play, like 89% of 15-24 year olds.

On the other hand, the average age of players is 40 years old, an age which increases little by little each year. You have to believe that once you become a player, there is no going back. Moreover, seniors represent 19% of the total players! Looking forward to seeing if in a few decades, retirement homes become places for daily Smash Bros tournaments. and Mario Kart.

  • The Syndicate of Leisure Software Publishers (SELL) has just revealed its figures annual reports concerning French players.
  • We learn that this year, 7 out of 10 French people are occasional players, with 39.1 million players.
  • Male-female parity between male and female players is almost achieved, respectively52% and 48%.

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