Video games to the rescue of a low IQ?

CHRONIC. Video games can have a beneficial effect on intelligence… provided that they do not enclose the teenager in a bubble, depriving him of other cerebral stimulations.

Video games to the rescue of a low IQ?

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The effects of digital, smartphones, videos, social networks, etc. on the brain of children and adolescents are controversial. What about the special case of video games? According to a recent study published in Nature and led by neuroscientists at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, these games boost intelligence. The study authors tested the cognitive abilities of some 5,000 children in the United States, first at age 9-10, again two years later, and asked how long they played on screens.

They were thus able to show that, if social networks and television had no effect on IQ, playing video games more than the average had the effect of “boosting” it. by approximately 2.5 points. Too bad the star

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