Video games will have their own Cannes Film Festival from next year

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Video games will have their own Cannes Film Festival starting next year

The famous entrance to the Grand Auditorium Louis Lumière, where the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival takes place.

The city of Cannes is leaving cinema aside for a brand new festival devoted to another entertainment industry: video games.

Robin Leproux, former president of Paris Saint-Germain Football Club (PSG) and former manager of the M6 ​​TV channel, and Antoine de Tavernost, boss of the Auditoire agency, announced Thursday the creation of a festival festival dedicated to the creative industries of video games in Cannes, with a first held in October 2023.

Baptized Cannes Gaming Festival, this Cannes Video Game Festival will be organized around; an award ceremony in the spirit of the great events in Cannes.

While discussing with the teams of the city of Cannes, I had a click by saying to myself: “We do not have an international festival for the 10th art that is the video game, equivalent of the 7th art for the cinema in Cannes." Once I had this idea, I said to myself that it was absolutely necessary to organize it, told Agence France Presse Robin Leproux, today co-founder of Espot in Paris, the largest physical center for playing video games in Europe.

The former president of PSG (2009-2011) and former manager of M6 teamed up with Antoine de Tavernost, boss of the event communication agency Auditoire, to create this festival dedicated to the first global cultural industry in terms of turnover, far ahead of the music and film industry.

We want to breathe new life into the [music] industry. video game] and the recognition it deserves, says Antoine de Tavernost, for whom Les Pégases, a ceremony which has rewarded the best French video game creations since 2020, would be more the equivalent of the Césars for French cinema.

The prize-giving of the first Cannes Gaming Festival will be carried by an international jury, composed of legitimate, well-known and passionate personalities to reward the creation and the artists of the universe in a show hybrid between physical and digital, according to the co-founders.

From 2024, the format of the festival will develop over five days, integrating appointments dedicated to specialists and a festival for the general public in addition to the awards ceremony.

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