Video | Musk tests his medicine: Twitter headquarters facade is trolled with insults

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Video | Musk tests his medicine: the facade of Twitter headquarters is trolled with insults

The < Twitter headquarters in San Francisco (United States) is located in the United States. closed to lime and song from this Thursday night. Until Monday, access to the building will remain restricted to avoid possible boycotts, has indicated the owner of the company, the tycoon Elon Musk. All this caused by the mass resignation of employees after the ultimatum that the employer gave them by email: to create a “groundbreaking Twitter 2.0” they had to move to “working long hours at high intensity”. Otherwise, they were invited to leave the company. The staff responded, but not as Musk believed: hundreds of employees resigned en bloc yesterday afternoon. The building is closed, but that hasn't stopped the fears of the Tesla and SpaceX founder from being fulfilled: Twitter's front has been beautifully trolled with insults.

Someone –it has not yet been revealed who– is projecting insults and messages onto the facade of the Twitter building from an adjacent building. corporate colorsSome of the grievances that are leveled at the company, but they are no less biting: “supreme parasite”, “bankrupt baby”, “insecure colonizer”, “worthless billionaire” and “lawless oligarch”. they have been able to read, as if it were a slide show.

Destroying adjectives

They are extremely harsh texts, just like the working conditions that Musk imposed on an already hard-working staff. This declined after the dismissal of more than half of the workers at the beginning of November. Things don't end there: “Smug grain”, “Apartheid profiteer”, “cruel hoarder”, “mediocre man child”, “petty racist” or “megalomaniac”, are some of the 'jewels' that have been embodied in the fa├žade. All of them with a date that indicates the label of the social network, in case there was still any doubt as to who the darts are aimed at.