Video of teen being beaten up in Ottawa sparks outrage

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Video of teen being beaten up in Ottawa sparks outrage

Footage from the video shows a teenage boy with a backpack struggling with six other youths near the parking lot of an open-air mall.

A video that shows a teenager being beaten up near an Ottawa high school is sparking outrage on social media. A petition denouncing the event has amassed a few thousand signatures.

The images first show a teenager with a backpack struggling with six other young people, near from the parking lot of an open-air mall.

Within seconds, the teenager is thrown to the ground , then surrounded by four of these young people who start kicking him.

Attention: The images below might offend some people. We prefer to warn you.

Police investigate beating teenager case near Gloucester High School in Ottawa

The video uploaded last week was filmed near Gloucester High School, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB). The date and time the video was recorded is unknown.

In response to the video, since Saturday and at the time of this writing, approximately 4,900 people have signed an online petition demanding real action from the school board. Its instigators identify themselves as parents of students enrolled in OCDSB schools.

We would also like to see concrete steps taken on the ground to ensure that May this violence never happen again, especially not for visible minorities, or because of race, religion, gender, or any other distinction that might indicate vulnerability, the petition reads.

“We would like to express our deepest condemnation of the abusive behavior that has occurred and express our deepest concerns for the safety of our children.

—Excerpt from petition text

The OCDSB issued a statement Monday in response to the video, in which the school board writes that Friday , Gloucester Secondary School has been made aware of an assault on a student off school grounds.

The school reportedly contacted the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) after learning of the video. Ottawa Police are actively investigating the incident, the force wrote on Twitter in response to a sharing of the video.

In an email statement to Radio-Canada, the SPO indicates that the robbery section is actively investigating this incident. Anyone with information about this assault is asked to contact police at 613-236-1222, [ext] 5116.

Questioned on whether charges of aggravated assault could be filed, Ottawa Police respond that this will be determined following the investigation.

In an English statement to CBC, the OPS adds that the Hate Crimes and Bias Unit has reviewed him and determined that he is not there was no evidence to suggest this was a hate-motivated incident.

Gloucester High School, Ottawa

Gloucester Secondary School is also carrying out its own investigation and cooperating with that being carried out by the police. Although we cannot comment on the details of the investigation, we can say that there is no evidence that the attackers were pupils of [secondary school] Gloucester, is it written in the statement.

“The behavior shown in the video is disturbing and unfortunately serves as a reminder of the importance of our work as continue to build a safe and caring school culture in which the human rights, dignity and respect of each member are paramount.

— From OCDSB statement

According to the OCDSB, the high school has made contact with the student in the video, who is not named, and is working to support the student and his family.

All available resources will be used both for the student concerned and for the school community, if necessary, it can be read.

In an emailed statement, the office of Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce says it is completely unacceptable for this student to face violence in his community. All students, regardless of faith, background, sexual orientation, and skin color, deserve to feel safe in and out of school.

With information from Frédéric Pepin

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