Video shows the escape of five lions from a zoo in Sydney, Australia

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Video shows the escape of five lions from a zoo in Sydney, Australia

Four lion cubs and an adult lion managed to get out of their enclosure on November 2 in Australia.

If all eyes in Quebec are currently riveted on a herd of fleeing cows, the Australians have had to manage the escape of five lions from a Taronga zoo in Sydney , at the beginning of November.

The events date back to November 2, but the video showing the escape of four lion cubs and an adult lion was only shown to the public on Thursday.

You can clearly see the felines there sneak through a crack in the fence of their enclosure and then explore the surroundings.

The video was notably shared by the Australian network SBS News: This is the moment when five lions x27;fleeing from their den at Taronga Zoo, it reads.

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Only the adult female and one of her offspring decided not to cross the fence and wait patiently for her young to return.

Unsurprisingly, the escape triggered a Code 1 alert at the zoo and all staff and visitors were confined to secure facilities.

The lion cubs Luzuko, Zuri, Khari and Malika and their father Ato remained calm outside their enclosure until they decided on their own to return, assured the direction of the zoo on Thursday.

The cubs and their father repeatedly tried to return to their enclosure and the little male Luzuko was the first to succeed. He was soon followed by his sister Zuri and brother Khari.

With encouragement from the zoo keepers, Ato then too returned to his lair.

Little Malika had to be tranquilized by the emergency response team and then brought back to her enclosure. Escapes are rare at Taronga Zoo, management say, but they say keepers are still ready with a plan of action involving anesthetic dart guns and nets.

An investigation by an independent and specialized engineer is underway. In particular, he tries to understand what caused the failure of the complex system of the fence.

The family of felines has obviously been moved while awaiting the conclusions of the engineer and the repairs that 'he will recommend for the fence.

According to zoo management, a security fence prevents animals fleeing their enclosure from leaving the perimeter of the facility and wandering the streets from Sydney.

With information from The Guardianand Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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