Video shows Vancouver police firing bags of pellets at suspect

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Video shows Vancouver police firing bags of pellets at suspect

The video of the un-suspect-4fb1ed3.jpg incident was posted on social media Thursday.

The man standing by the taxi would have obliged his driver helped him get away until the police cornered the car.

Vancouver police used a lead bag gun and a police dog to arrest a wanted man, who had 17 convictions for crimes including assaults on law enforcement officers. Community activists are speaking out against the incident, saying the police could have defused the situation.

In a video filmed by a member of the VANDU organization and posted to social media on Thursday afternoon, Vancouver police officers are seen surrounding a man standing in the back of a taxi in the neighborhood Downtown Eastside during an intervention.

The man with his hands in the air shouts a few times: You want to shoot me, shoot!

A first shot is heard, and a projectile strikes the suspect in the calf. A second quickly follows, and the second projectile appears to hit the man in the thigh.

A police intervention in Vancouver's Chinatown district was filmed by passers-by.

Seconds later, a dog barks, and the sound of a third gunshot is heard. Footage then shows the location of the suspect, lying on the ground, surrounded by police officers behind the taxi. Next, the image shows a police officer pulling a dog backwards to free it from the suspect.

Cait Spence, who witnessed the scene , is the author of the video. She works for the Our streets project, of the VANDU organization. The goal of this project is to empower residents of tent cities in the Downtown Eastside to help each other and stay safe.

She says she got into the habit of filming the police when one of their interventions seems to go wrong. She believes that the police could have defused the situation. This person got out of the taxi, put his hands up, then on the taxi and seemed to want to surrender.

She says she regularly witnesses use force and violent arrests that make neighborhood residents very uncomfortable.

“People talk about it like any interaction with the police could end like this. […] It frightens people and seems to say that, in the end, it is the police who control the neighborhood.

—Cait Spence, Our Streets Program, VANDU

In a statement sent to CBC/Radio-Canada, Vancouver police say the man in the video is a high-risk, violent offender whose criminal record includes armed robbery, assault on police officers and drug trafficking.

Also according to the police, he is involved in illegal drug trafficking in the Downtown Eastside and, due to his violent past, he is generally considered to be armed and dangerous.

Officers attempted to arrest him for breaching his release conditions in March 2021, but he fled, the statement said. When officers saw him on Thursday, they recognized him and decided to arrest him.

Vancouver police say he was arrested. use of the pellet gun was a less lethal method and a legal, measured and fair use of force.

After being hit by the pellet bags, he fell on the ground and continued to resist arrest, the police statement continued. A police dog was then deployed to control him so that he could be handcuffed. Once detained, the man threatened a number of police officers with death.

The man was being treated for injuries related to dog bites, he is in jail and faces several new charges.

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