Video | White supremacists throw black children out of a swimming pool in South Africa

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Video | White supremacists throw black children out of a pool in South Africa

Three white men violently attack black teenagers in the pool of a resort: theshocking images have gone around South Africa, where the three suspects in the racist attack were charged this Thursday.

< p>A video filmed on Christmas Day,in the height of southern summer, it shows these middle-aged men trying to strangle, slap, stick their heads under water two skinny cousins ​​ages 15 and 18 who are struggling, kicking their fists. One of the men, cigarette in hand, grabs the younger man's hair and shakes his head.

The images have quickly circulated online:

Sadly reminiscent of apartheid, these images of raw violence would have been preceded by a lively exchange in which the men barred the boys from using the pool, insisting that it was reserved for the center's patrons. According to witnesses, they didn't explicitly say “whites only,” but in a South African context, that's what many heard right away.

When investigators arrived, “the altercation had broken out.” ;finishedand scattered groups,” according to a police statement.

Police confirmed that two of the suspects, Johan Nel, 33, and Jan Stefanus Van der Westhuizen, 47, were charged and brought before a judge on Wednesday for assault.The third, Jacobus Johannes Classen, 48, appeared in court on Thursday for attempted murder, according to informed the prosecution.

They are called to appear on January 25

The incident took place in Bloemfontein , in the province of Free State, an area known for recurring racial tensions.

“We must rid our society of the violence” seen in this video, whether or not “accompanied by racism,” President Cyril Ramaphosa reacted Tuesday.

“It is deplorable that adults dealing with adolescents resort to violence with such unsettling ease,” he added.