Viewpoint: Viewpoint: Burning gasoline and gas keeps dictators in power


People die in the heat, but Europe is already afraid of a cold winter. Gas and oil are bought from dictators, writes Iltalehti editor Onni Kari.

View: View: Burning gasoline and gas keeps dictators in power

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman and Russian President Vladimir Putin. [email protected] at 10:04

It is so hot in Europe that people are dying from the heat. In Portugal, Spain and France, the dead are counted at least in the hundreds.

Forests are burning even in rainy England. In Coningsby in eastern England, a new British temperature record of +40.3 C was measured on Tuesday.

At the same time as global warming makes Europe a hellish loaf of bread in the summer, we can already fear the frosts of the coming winter.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to force the EU countries to stop supporting Ukraine by threatening them with an energy crisis. Without Russian gas and oil, Europe will not warm up.

Already now, the shutting down of Russian gas taps has caused an economic crisis, in which the Finnish state-owned Fortum has also become a part.

What will the energy crisis look like if a cold winter comes?

The energy crisis is scary. Russia's withdrawal from gas and oil would be politically necessary, but on the other hand, in the winter, in the cold of their cabins without Russian energy.

The EU leaders rush to promote all oil and gas dictators whose name is not Putin.


European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen visited Azerbaijan on Monday to sign an agreement according to which gas exports from Azerbaijan to the EU are to be doubled.

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It has been less than two years since the dictator of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, smiling next to von der Leyen in press photos, waged a brutal war of aggression against his neighbor Armenia.

Earlier in the summer, Jutta Urpilainen visited the United Arab Emirates . Urpilainen is the commissioner responsible for the EU's international partnerships.

An Urpi resident wore a scarf in the mosque, which was condemned on social media. Perhaps more important than the scarf is the fact that Europe's energy supply depends on autocratic countries like the United Arab Emirates that trample on human rights.

The United Arab Emirates is at war in Yemen as part of a coalition led by Saudi Arabia. Almost 400,000 people will have died in the war by the end of 2021, the UN estimates.

Speaking of which, US President Joe Biden went to Saudi Arabia last Saturday to meet his partner, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

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The “fist greeting” between Biden and the crown prince made headlines. Bin Salman is known, among other things, for how he recently ordered the dismemberment of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey.

The “fist bump” of President Joe Biden and Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman. AOP

The serial killer bin Salman bought the Newcastle football club a year ago. The former main owner of Chelsea, the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich was smoked out of the club, but any other than Russian blood money is still acceptable.

In world politics, it's okay to be a war criminal and a serial killer, as long as there is enough oil and gas to sell.

Even in Europe, industry and household heating have been dependent on Russian energy. So what if the trading partner is a paranoid dictator?

Our economic system is built on fossil fuels. Without oil, coal and gas, the current society cannot stand.

Dependence on fossil fuels is leading humanity towards destruction. Forest fires are small compared to billions having to migrate north as climate refugees.

Furthermore, dependence on oil and gas fuels one bloodier dictatorship than the other. A gallery of horrors can be found in news pictures of good-natured European and American leaders shaking hands.

Fossil fuels cannot be abandoned in an instant, but everything possible must be done to stop burning oil, gas and coal as soon as possible.< /p>

At the same time, society would become environmentally sustainable and break away from its bloody ties to oil and gas dictatorships.

At the same time that Europe is burning, the price of gasoline is talking in Finland. Basic Finns are particularly concerned about this.

At the same time, Basic Finns – not forgetting centrists – talk about a “blue-white transition” in energy production.

Logically, a “blue-white transition” would mean giving up internal combustion engines, since there is no Finnish gasoline.

Politicians demand as one front the immediate giving up of Russian energy. At the same time, they are worried about inflation and are proposing tax cuts that are bigger than the other to support the citizens.

One ​​could be honest enough to admit that giving up Russian oil and gas means a deepening energy crisis and accelerating inflation for Europe.


Of course, it may be that the lack is not of honesty but of understanding.

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