Vikings Valhalla: Netflix unveils the first images of season 2

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Netflix has revealed a heck of a bunch of footage for the long-awaited Season 2 of Vikings Valhalla.

In 1958, Richard Fleisher delivered a great movie of adventures, The Vikings, with Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglas in the cast. Even if the feature film took its ease with historical truth, The Vikings posed as a superb epic that painted a colorful portrait of the Nordic people. These proud Vikings have been brought back to the fore in recent years, this time on television, in particular with the series Vikings. A proposal very well packaged and supervised by Michael Hirst, who transported the spectators for six seasons. Building on its success, Netflix has developed a spin-off with Vikings Valhalla.

Created for this occasion by Jeb Stuart (screenwriter on Crystal Trap), Vikings Valhallafocuses on the most famous personalities of Viking history, starting with the descendants of Eric the Red, Leif and Freydis. The first season ended with a real massacre, leaving the fans on the floor. Season 2, which is coming soon, should tell us the rest of the adventures of Leif and Freydis. For the occasion, Netflix has also expanded the cast with a new actor. And to introduce all these beautiful people, the platform has just unveiled the first images of this season 2.

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Pretty impressive first images that once again highlight the superb outdoor environments present in the series. In addition, in addition to these images, Jeb Stuart gave an interview to Netflix in which he explains some of the challenges of this second season. In particular, he promises a spectacular road trip by the Harald-Leif duo on the Dnieper River, comparing their journey to that of Thelma and Louise by Ridley Scott.

In any case, this first glimpse of season 2 suggests a lot of intrigue and romance customary to the franchise as well as furious clashes. Thus, the image which shows us Leif, ready to fight, announces particularly bloody moments of negotiation. Will season 2 propose new major antagonists?

So we are waiting with some curiosity for this season 2, curiosity reinforced by these photos. Without disclosing any major event, these images have the merit of putting into perspective the main elements that make up the series. Thus, none of them suggest a real upheaval of the plot (in short, watching them will not spoil any surprises for you) and the series somehow escapes the principle of “we show everything in the trailer or the Pictures”. We will therefore know the fate of Leif and Freydis January 12, 2023 on Netflix.

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