Vilda's 'new' Spain submits to the powerful USA

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The &lsquo ;new’ Vilda's Spain subdues the powerful USA

The women's soccer team surpassed the for the first time in its history to United States, the reigning world champions (2-0), a prestigious victory that strengthens the position of coach Jorge Vildaagainst the 15 rebellious soccer players who have generated an unprecedented riot in Spanish soccer.

The goals of the azulgrana Laia Codina, in her debut with the national team, and the madridista Esther González did justice to the best game in Spain, which set the record high. also in El Sadar a new attendance record (11,209 spectators) in a friendly match of the national team.

The fans received aVilda with timid whistles due to the pulse she maintains with 15 of her players, most of them from FC Barcelona, but the coach ended up talking. with a smile for a victory that demonstrates the potential of Spanish football, still deprived of its great stars, as was already evident last Friday with the draw against Sweden.

 Initial nerves

A Spainit cost him get inside the game. Predictably, the US showed up. in the match with very high pressure. The team led by Vlatko Andonovski took over of the ball in the first 15 minutes, but without generating hardly any danger. But Spain knew how to defend itself well and, little by little, advance lines and associate, with a clear leading role of Claudia Zornoza and Olga Carmona.

A header from Laia Codina, in the 20th minute, after a long free-kick, was the first touch of attention for the Spanish team, after many minutes in which it took them a long time. they went out and touched, with the Americans easily winning the ball back in the opposition half.

More settled in the field, and overcome the nerves of the staging, Spaingot it enter a phase of dominance in the face of the bewilderment of his rival, in which he a clear opportunity: a dry shot by Zornoza from outside the area (m. 30). And also the goal action, a corner kick, with several rebounds that Laia Codina managed to achieve. send to the network (m. 38).

Confidence of Spain grew more even more so in the restart, despite the fact that USAredoubled his pressure, but without generating clear chances in the goal of Misa Rodríguez.

 The splendid shot of Esther González in the second goal, midway through the second half, he allowed Thanks to Vilda's team to pass their most demanding test with high marks and look forward to their future path to the World Cup with great optimism.

Technical sheet

Spain: Rodríguez ; Andrés, Codina, Gálvez, Hernández; ,Zornoza, Oroz, López; Carmona, González, Redondo.

Changes: Athenea (m. 56). Cardona (m. 81). Azkona (d. 89)

United States: Murphy, Cook, Sauerbrunn, Mace, Rodman; Horan, Smith, Rapinoe; Lavelle, Sullivan and Pickett

Changes: Hatch (d. 46); Dunn, Coffey, Huerta (d. 62); Sánchez (64) Thomson (m. 72)

Goals: 1-0, Laia Codina (m. 38); 2-0, Esther González (m. 72)