Villa 7: “it's over, she does anything”, Flo goes up against Charlotte

Villa 7: “ it’s over, she does whatever  », Flo went up against Charlotte

In the episode of La Villa 7 on Wednesday June 8, 2022, Flo and Charlotte had a fight&#8230 ; But it hides something! melty tells you everything in this article.

Since the last light of truth, nothing has gone right between Charlotte and Flo. It turns out that during the week of the temptation, the young man made a mistake by realizing several pledges. He kissed a girl on the neck before massaging her. And he also wanted to kiss another seductress on the mouth. But at the last moment, she turned her head giving him a big wind. She then justified herself by saying that she liked Giovanni. And when Charlotte saw the images of Flo during temptation week, she fell from the heights. So she decided to leave him!

The day after this breakup, Flo tried to explain herself to Charlotte. He let her know that he was sorry and that it was all part of a boy's pawn. But he understands her pain and he intends to wait until she forgives him. The problem is that Charlotte thinks he talks a lot, but doesn’t act too much! Flo takes note and sends a message to The Love Team. The two exes are then invited to find Jesta and Benoitfor some advice. And finally, things work out between Flo and Charlotte!

Flo and Charlotte trap the candidates of La Villa 7

On the way back, Flo and Charlotte decide to trap their comrades. They will make them believe that this meeting went very badly. And that in the end, it’s definitely over between them. Back at the villa, they put their plan into action. And the other broken hearts fall into the trap. They are all shock! Flo even lets it be known that Charlotte is robbed and for him, it’s over! He also wants to change rooms. The girls try to figure out what happened with Charlotte and the boys do the same with Flo. They'll be surprised when they learn the truth!

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