Villa 7: “Never in my life do I give you a hug, however”, Charlotte refuses Flo

Villa 7: “ Never in my life will I hug you though  », Charlotte fails Flo

In the episode of La Villa 7 on Tuesday, June 7, 2022, Charlotte failed Flo. She is still very upset with him. We tell you everything in this article.

When Charlotteand Flo realized that they were attracted, it was very quickly between them. Overnight, they became inseparable! But the first kiss took a long time to arrive. And from the moment they got together, they were both on cloud nine. But the announcement of the week of temptation caused some apprehension in Charlotte. Flo therefore did everything to reassure her. He will do nothing, since he is convinced that she is the woman of his life! Charlotte then had complete confidence in him… That’s tell you how high she fell!

During the Truth, the blonde beauty saw images of Flo she never wanted to see. It so happened that during the week of temptation, the young man kissed a seductress on the neck for more than 15 seconds. In the process, he was ready to kiss another participant, but she refused. The next day, Flo massaged a young woman! These are all pledges… But for Charlotte, it’s the drama. She decides to leave Flo right away! For her, their story is more than over!

Charlotte puts a stop to Flo in La Villa 7!

Since this breakup, Flo has been trying to talk with Charlotte. But she is very cold. Despite everything, the former Marseillais candidate is determined to be forgiven… And in the episode of Tuesday, June 7, 2022, Flo tries to have a new discussion with Charlotte. She then blames him for not doing much to get her back… There are many words, but no deeds! Charlotte then finishes leaving the chat… Flo then asks him for a hug and there, he takes a wind! Charlotte swings at him: “Never in my life do I give you a hug though”! He'll have to get the oars out now!

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