Villas in the suburbs and apartments in Moscow. Journalists spoke about the real estate of Alina Kabaeva


    Villas in the suburbs and apartments in Moscow. Journalists talked about Alina Kabaeva's real estate

    It turned out that Vladimir Putin's passion received most of the apartments and houses as a gift from his close associates

    The other day it became known that Alina Kabaeva, who is already directly called in the press the mistress of the Russian president, received a multimillion-dollar donation to the accounts of her Charity Fund, despite the fact that the fund has not shown any activity for the past two years. And today, opposition journalists published an investigation in which they talked about what kind of real estate the Olympic champion owns.

    However, she does not own much directly. For example, a house on Rublevo-Uspenskoye Highway, worth 305 million rubles (about $5 million).

    But the grandmother of Alina Kabaeva is a very successful homeowner. She owns two houses on Rublyovka at once, the cost of which is half a billion rubles (about $ 9 million). She also has two apartments in an elite building on the Arbat.

    The 85-year-old pensioner received them as a gift from businessman Pyotr Kolbin in 2015. Peter is an extremely secretive person, a former co-owner of the Gunvor oil trader, a close friend of Vladimir Putin and a friend of another acquaintance of the Russian president, Gennady Timchenko.

    It was from Timchenko that Alina Kabaeva's grandmother received an apartment in St. Petersburg as a gift in 2015 worth 120 million rubles (about $2 million).

    Alina Kabaeva's mother, Lyubov Kabaeva, runs a large sports complex on Mozhaisk Highway. It belongs to the NGO “Reserve-M”, which, in turn, belongs to Leysan Kabaeva, the younger sister of the gymnast. Also, Kabaeva's mother owns a two-story chalet in the Krasnodar Territory next to Dmitry Medvedev's Psekhako estate.

    Villas in the suburbs and apartments in Moscow. Journalists spoke about the real estate of Alina Kabaeva

    And in 2009, a certain Grigory Baevsky, who works with the Rotenberg brothers, re-registered an apartment in Moscow for Leysan Kabaev, worth one hundred million rubles.

    But an Israeli businessman of Russian origin, Leonid Nevzlin, a former co-owner of the oil giant Yukos, claims that Kabaeva has real estate not only in the Russian Federation, but, presumably, in Switzerland. She also recently purchased a villa in southern Turkey and a house in Istanbul.


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