Vinalopó Salud resists the pandemic and raises its turnover to 129 million

Vinalopó Salud resists the pandemic and raises its turnover to 129 million

Vinalopó Salud resists the pandemic and raises its turnover to 129 million

The hospital managed by Vinalopó Salud in Elche. |

Despite the difficult year that was experienced in the health aspect, the concessionaire of the second hospital in Elche managed to weather the pandemic with more than acceptable results in the economic field. So much so that its profit was only cut by the absence of the extraordinary income it registered in 2019, when the company collected almost 2.5 million in late payment interest for the delays of the Generalitat in paying it.

In this way, according to the balance sheets deposited in the Mercantile Registry, Elche-Crevillente Salud SA – better known as Vinalopó Salud – managed to close the year with a turnover of 129.7 million, 2.8% more than the previous year. . An increase that, as explained from the firm, corresponds to the rise in per capita payment – the amount that the Ministry of Health must pay for each resident in the health area covered by the company – which is updated annually based on the CPI and the increase in public spending on health, in accordance with the scales established in the concession specifications.

This increase in assessed payments made it possible to offset the falls that were registered as a result of the pandemic in other items, such as the income that the company also receives from private insurers for the care of people who have suffered accidents, or for the services of Free choice, that is, by patients from other departments who request surgery or receive some care at the Vinalopó hospital.

In the same vein, the concessionaire recalls that the first waves of the covid -which correspond to the 2020 financial year- had a relative impact on its coverage area, which attenuated the impact of the pandemic on its services. Despite this, the firm could not prevent the increase in costs caused by the purchase of the protection material and the implementation of the necessary security measures to deal with the covid, which have also resulted in an increase in the workforce . Specifically, the company ended the year with 1,475 workers compared to 1,401 the previous year, due to the reinforcements that were incorporated, which raised personnel costs by more than 2.5 million, to 62 million.

In any case, the firm also managed to cut other expenses thanks to the negotiation with its suppliers and the implementation of savings measures, which together with the global increase in turnover translated into a 1.9% increase in EBITDA. .

However, the final result was reduced by almost 18%, due to the absence of the extraordinary income that the company recorded in 2019, when the Generalitat paid it 2.5 million in late payment interest, following a ruling by the Supreme Court. Even so, Vinalopó Salud earned 3.4 million euros, in what is its fourth consecutive year with profits.

On the other hand, the company maintains its conflict with the Generalitat alive to demand compensation for the lower income and higher expenses that, according to it defends, have caused some changes introduced by the Generalitat in the concession. Both the Community Supreme Court and the Supreme Court have rejected the claims of the company, which has now presented an annulment incident before the latter court, as a last resort. The one in Vinalopó is the only health concession in the province where the Generalitat has not yet started the procedures for its reversal.

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