“Vintage charmed”: Svetlana Bondarchuk's outfits from the dressing room apartment were not damaged after a fire in a restaurant located under it


    Svetlana Bondarchuk

    Last Friday, the Georgian restaurant Patara of Rezo Gigineishvili and Alexei Kiselev burned down at the Patriarch's Ponds. And today, Ksenia Solovieva shared exclusive information on her Telegram channel — Svetlana Bondarchuk's famous wardrobe apartment is located right above the restaurant at No. 7 Ermolaevsky Lane. Although the dwelling itself suffered from an emergency, Svetlana's outfits survived.

    At that moment, the couple were away and got to the scene only the next day. Everything in the apartment was damaged, including Serezhin (Sergey Kharchenko, husband of Svetlana Bondarchuk and musician. — Ed.) studio, but the sacred room with outfits did not even smell of smoke. Apparently, Sveta's vintage is spellbound,

    — wrote Ksenia Solovieva.

    So Bondarchuk had no problems with choosing an outfit for the next publication. Yesterday, at an event in Gorky Park, a celebrity appeared in a Givenchy dress from the 2011 collection.

    Svetlana Bondarchuk

    Bondarchuk herself did not comment on the news, but reposted Solovieva's message in her channel.

    Bondarchuk spoke about her separate dressing room apartment in an interview with Tatler magazine in 2016. The socialite said that in the main apartment she did not have enough space for a large dressing room. It has become one of the most discussed secular topics. Bondarchuk herself lives next door, on the Patriarch's Ponds, in an apartment of 300 square meters.


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