Violated all work: “Russian Railways” ask the EU to lift sanctions


Violated all the work:

Western sanctions prevent the monopolist from performing “socially significant and humanitarian” functions. Due to the embargo, the Siemens concern does not supply spare parts to the Russian Federation and does not repair trains.

The state company Russian Railways (RZD) asked the Council of the European Union to lift the sanctions. The press service of the company wrote about this on Telegram.

The sanctions are groundless, interfere with doing business and contradict international law, the organization says.

“They are aimed at limiting the capabilities of Russian Railways” perform socially significant, humanitarian functions and are discrimination against the population of Russia,” the railway workers noted.

The holding pointed out that the EU Council classifies trains as “luxury items” for Russians, blocks their supply and repair with sanctions. The company was included in the sanctions list, which establishes a ban on raising funds.

“In the EU itself, rail transport is positioned as mass and carbon-neutral,” the monopolists emphasized.

German concern Siemens from- For the export embargo on railway equipment, he refused to fulfill his obligations for the supply and maintenance of the Sapsan and Lastochka trains.

In May, the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg ordered the transfer of equipment owned by Siemens for train repair to Russian Railways.

< p>“Out of court, the business chains that have been developing over many years were broken and good faith relations between Russian and European counterparties were destroyed,” complained to Russian Railways.

The monopolist added that challenging the sanctions in court is a hopeless idea.

In April, Russian Railways defaulted due to non-payment of interest on Eurobonds worth 250 million Swiss francs. The default did not prevent the monopolist from promising to raise wages by 5%.


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