Violetta Villas was a beloved diva. Her story gives food for thought


Her real name was Czesława Cieślak, but her career prompted her to adopt an artistic pseudonym.

Violetta Villas was a beloved diva. Her story gives food for thought

Czesława Skarbek was born on June 10, 1938 in Heusy, a town in Belgium. This place became the arena of growing up of the future diva. Czesława spent her childhood there, under the care of her father and mother who ran a household.

Violetta Villas loved animals, music and Jesus. This did not suit wealthy husbands

Along with 1946, there were changes in the Cieślak family, which moved to Poland, to Lewin Kłodzki, where they settled. In Lewin Kłodzki, the future Violetta Villas honed her talent and raised her skills by receiving music education. She studied instruments and took singing lessons.

Years later she confessed in an interview that her parents did not support her love of music and singing. They did not believe that modest Czesława from Lewin Kłodzki would be able to achieve success and start performing on the biggest stages and stages. The artistic pseudonym of Violetta Villas was created, among others, by the musician of Polish Radio. She reached the peak of her career so that her glow faded for a while, but as we remember, Violetta Villas & ndash; modest Czesława from Lewin Kłodzki became an international star and even visited Canada and the USA. Her foot was also set up in the White House, where George W. Bush was vice president at the time.

The whole of Poland was shocked by the news that on December 5, 2011, the legend of the Polish and foreign music scene Violetta Villas died. She was found dead in her own home in Lewin Kłodzki. The investigation into her many hours' death is still ongoing. Violetta Villas loved animals, cared for them and had a lot of humility. She was an extremely religious person, which she never hid. She believed that the international career and fame she had achieved was not for the weak.

She was not lucky in love. Even though she was beautiful and incredibly talented, and her songs are still hummed today, she passed away in total loneliness, poverty and after dramatic events – including media events.


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