Vitaly Kozlovsky dedicated a song to the defenders of Azovstal

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Vitaly Kozlovsky dedicated the song to the defenders of Azovstal

The performer admitted that he sings this composition, thinking about the defender Ekaterina Polishchuk, who volunteered to defend the Motherland.

Ukrainian singer Vitaliy Kozlovsky has released a new composition called Вільні and a video for it. The video was published on Youtube.

It is noted that the author of the song was Igor Luzanov, who lost his house in Kharkov as a result of an enemy attack.

In turn, Kozlovsky admitted that he performed this track, thinking about the defender of Azovstal with the call sign “Bird”.

“I was struck by the story of “Bird” by Ekaterina Polishchuk. I sing this song with thoughts about her and about the heroic people who stand for us all. Ekaterina is 21, she is a paramedic, she volunteered to go to Mariupol to save people. They were hit with bombs, but they worked and sang. They did not break even where steel broke. And thanks to such people, Ukraine will never break. We will go to victory with a song, because we are free and our faith is indestructible,” he said.

“At the same time, the artist added that everyone has one goal – A few days before the release of the song, I learned that 108 captured women returned to Ukraine. Among them is Victoria, who was at Azovstal with a small daughter Alice. The invaders separated them in the spring, the child was sent to Zaporozhye, and the mother was taken prisoner. Now she is finally next to her daughter. I so want to thank and hug each of these wonderful women. Everything I do – I dedicate it to them, “to fight for the liberation of all the defenders of Ukraine”, – under he concluded.