Vlad Yama showed archival the no beard, but with hair

If we could consider popular searches in Google is the main work — definitely would consider a number of questions about your hair all bald, representatives of the Ukrainian show-business.

Влад Яма показал архивный снимок без бороды, но с волосами

See Vlad the Pit hair is almost the same thing and see Zibrov without a mustache or Kamaliya with dark hair. But the Hole, unlike many other stars, has a sense of humor and irony, so willing to share archival photos and already not for the first time shows us how it looks with hair.

Be careful — the level of sexiness is off the charts!

signed photo of Vlad Yama

The picture was taken back in 2003, and if Vlad Yama didn’t invent the elixir of youth, how else can you explain it?

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