Vladimir Putin honored his criminals. The content of the signed decree evokes extreme emotions

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Although the genocide in Ukraine has shaken the whole world, many turn their eyes away from what the media and numerous social media platforms are showing.

Vladimir Putin honored his criminals. The content of the signed decree evokes extreme emotions.

When materials from Bucza and other places were released, many were unable to believe in the level of brutality of the Russian regime and Vladimir's armed forces Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to reward his brutal “hero & oacute; w”

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Unfortunately, the Russian dictator does not intend to withdraw, and the Ukrainian president does not intend to surrender. As a result of the decisions of several politicians, entire families were killed and Ukrainian towns were brought to the ground. All you need to do is ask how much human life is really worth.

The bodies of citizens abandoned on the streets, the remains hidden in ditches, pits, the depths of the courtyard or in the cellars showed the enormity of the brutality of the Russian armed forces, which Vladimir Putin decided to reward according to Super Express.

The crime against the civilian population by the people of Vladimir Putin went down in the history of Russia, which for many countries has been a huge threat for years, associated with war, oppression and death.

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The president of this country decided to give the honorary title of the Guard to responsible for the massacre on civilians and around the gang.

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The text of the decree signed by Putin is chilling – For mass heroism, courage, perseverance and the bravery of brigade personnel in combat operations to defend the homeland and protect the interests of the state in times of armed conflicts – we read in the passage quoted by the media.

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