Vladimir Putin praises Russian-Chinese relations

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Vladimir Putin’ in praise of Russian-Chinese relations

Presidents Russian and Chinese, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, during a previous meeting. (File photo)

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised Russian-Chinese relations on Sunday, “at the highest point” in their history, and expressed his “high expectations” for talks with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on the eve of his visit to Russia. .

Russian-Chinese relations have reached the highest point in their history and continue to grow stronger, Putin said in an article written for the Chinese newspaper < em>The People's Daily and published by the Kremlin.

The quality of ties between Moscow and Beijing is superior to that of Cold War-era political and military unions, he said.

In Moscow-Beijing relations , there are no limits or forbidden subjects, according to the master of the Kremlin.

Our political dialogue is frank to the maximum, while our strategic cooperation has become comprehensive and enters a new era, he pointed out.

“Chinese relations today are the cornerstone of regional and global stability. They stimulate economic growth and serve as guarantors of the smooth running of international business.

— Vladimir Putin, Russian President

While the United States pursues a policy of double deterrence towards Russia and China, Moscow and Beijing are working to create a system fair, open, inclusive and not directed against third countries, both regionally and globally, according to Mr. Putin.

He also denounced NATO's attempts to expand its influence by focusing on the Asia-Pacific region.

Some forces insistently seek to return the Eurasian space to the state of "exclusive clubs" and military blocs aimed at hampering the development of our countries and harming our interests, the Russian leader asserted.

But no one will succeed, he said. – he assured.

We have high expectations for the next talks with Mr. Xi, Vladimir Putin said, stressing that he had no doubts that they would give a powerful new impetus to all bilateral cooperation.

According to the Russian President, the meeting with Mr Xi, expected Monday in Moscow for a three-day visit, will also be the opportunity for him to see a good old friend with whom he has the warmest relations.

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