Volkswagen introduced its first flying taxi (photo)


Volkswagen presented its first flying taxi (photo)

The serial air taxi will be designed for four passengers with luggage. It will be unmanned and will be able to fly 200 km without recharging.

Volkswagen has opened a new line of business for itself – the German concern is developing an unmanned flying taxi V.MO. Its first prototype was presented in Beijing. This was reported by the press service of Volkswagen.

Volkswagen V.MO is being created in the Chinese division of the concern. The developers nicknamed the first prototype Flying Tiger.

Volkswagen presented its first flying taxi (photo)

The aircraft reaches 11.2 m in length and has a wingspan of 10.6 m. It is lifted into the air by eight screws, two more propellers are responsible for moving forward. They are powered by electric motors. Takeoff and landing take place vertically.

Volkswagen V.MO drone will pass the first tests at the end of this year. The information obtained during the tests will allow creating a more advanced prototype – it should be ready by 2023.

Volkswagen serial air taxi will be able to take four passengers with luggage on board. Its power reserve will be about 200 km. The aircraft will move in a completely unmanned mode.

Volkswagen presented its first flying taxi (photo)

Volkswagen management is interested in the new transport, because it considers it very promising. In their opinion, in the near future, flying taxis will become commonplace in big cities.


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