Volyn doctor puts on his feet 90-year-old patients after complicated fractures

Волынский врач ставит на ноги 90-летних пациентов после сложнейших переломов

When the doctor in the small town successfully makes a complex operation, then word of mouth works better than any PR man: by his office every day, going all of the patients. Such is there a doctor in the urban village Torchyn in the Volyn region 25 kilometers from Lutsk — orthopedist-traumatologist, Director of Torchinsky district hospital Andrey Konoval.

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As they say sick, the doctor collects the broken bones “screws and plates”

Andrei Konoval proved his huge practice that complex operations can be done not only in regional hospitals and Metropolitan hospitals: every year he spends at least a hundred. Only femoral neck fractures over the last five years operated on 200 people! Even 90-year-old patient back on his feet after such a serious injury. Because often old men are doomed to become bedridden sick or just die from the complications. It is not surprising that Andrei Konoval taking these traumatized not only from other districts of Volyn region, but also from neighboring areas.

Arthroplasty (replacement of joints) is a very expensive operation. Find prosthesis of 100-150 thousand UAH can not all, especially older people. And in Torchyn operation osteosynthesis is a few times cheaper. As they say sick, the doctor collects the broken bones “screws and plates”.

— With the name of the farrier who else can I work? — not without a sense of humor, says Andrei Mikhailovich. — After graduating from the Ternopil medical Institute worked in one of the Kiev clinics, then in Bereznovskoy district hospital in Rivne. Later he returned to his native Provencal. Clearly, to do operations at the present level, we must learn, therefore, went first to Poland, then to Germany. From Europe brought not only new technologies, techniques, and tools, equipment.

After all, before the fracture, what have we been doing? Imposed plaster bandage and waited for arrives. If compound fractures, had to wear it for a long time. And when the dressing was removed, the soft tissue has atrophied, simply not worked. Therefore, the return to normal life occupied a lot of time. And the European method (it operations with minimal intervention, when in areas fracture set implants) allows much faster, even put an elderly man on his feet.

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When I started practice in the year operated ten people, now hundreds. 70-year-old in the background of 85-90 year olds for our young patients.

— You help a lot of people, so treatment is available to pensioners, victims of car accidents in the workplace.

— Yes, a lot of accidents, people injured by machinery, miscellaneous equipment. I also want to note that osteoporosis is an epidemic in the century, especially in women older than 50 years, inevitably leads to an increase in the number of fractures. No wonder we have so many patients. Our operating, as you have seen, meets all European standards.

The doctor returns the elderly to a full life

With his optimism, smile and jokes the doctor gives people faith. And faith for a sick person is half the success of treatment.

In his 83 years, I felt good, — says Anna Korostyleva. — But somehow in the center Torchina fell on a level road. To rise could not me put into the ambulance. Found out that I broke the hip joint. However, the doctor said not to worry: I will go. Indeed, without expensive surgery hip replacement. Andrew M. put me on my feet.

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Another resident Torchina Alexander Miller, who is now 87 years old, with gratitude says about the doctor:

In 2000, the year I fell under a horse-drawn carriage — the horse was scared of something. I dragged half a kilometer. When brought to the hospital, I live place was not. Dr. farrier then came to our hospital. And you know, he literally “put” me. Here I go how many years.

Andrei Mikhailovich had to have surgery and 17-year-old boy with fused fingers. In short, the patients can tell a lot, but the important thing is that they returned to normal. The question of where he takes so much strength, the doctor doctor confidently replied:

— Patients praying for me, and it gives me strength.


Photo from the website of the Volyn regional Council

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