Vorogiv on knives. New hit Wellboy broke the Network


    Vorogiv on knives . Wellboy's new hit broke the Net

    The Wellboy artist and his producer Yuriy Bardash parted ways, but the singer successfully continued his career by composing the patriotic hit “Vorogiv on Knives”.

    The main scandal of the summer was the anti-Ukrainian and pro-Russian statements of the famous producer Yuriy Bardash, who created such successful national projects as Quest Pistols, “Mushrooms” and Wellboy. Part of the Bardash team and singer Anton Velboy said goodbye to him in June. Bardash himself went from Georgia to the Russian Federation and has already appeared in Moscow. But Wellboy did not lose his head and 12 days ago released a hit about the Ukrainian-Russian war “Vorogiv on Knives”, the lyric video of which has already gained more than 740 thousand. The performer's career continues without a producer.

    Wellboy without Bardash: why did it happen?

    In 2019, Anton Velboy took third place in the TV show “X-Factor” with his song “Viter” . After a TV program and graduation from the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, he returned to his native village of Grun in the Sumy region. There, the singer had a psychological breakdown: he could not join the gray everyday life.

    In 2021, producer Yuri Bardash offered Anton cooperation, which became mega-successful. Bardash first took up Ukrainian-language material and released two super hits. Wellboy became a finalist of the “National selection of Eurovision-2022” with the song Nozzy Bossy, which he presented on February 11, 2022.

    Anton Velboy met the beginning of the war in Kyiv – he lived with his mother in a rented apartment in Pechersk. He waited out the missile attacks with his mother in a bomb shelter.

    Yuri Bardash found the war in Sri Lanka, where he rested with his family. Then he moved to Georgia.

    Even at the end of May, Velboy reported that he was continuing to cooperate with Bardash, but a month later he announced that he had terminated the contract. In June, a scandal broke out with might and main over the pro-Russian statements of the producer Bardash. Speaking about the gap, Anton Velboy did not sharply comment on the producer's political statements, noting that he was grateful to Yuri for his career start.

    It was important that sound producer Yevgeny Triplov stayed with the artist – in the same capacity he is listed in the imprint of the lyric video of the new Wellboy song “Vorogiv on Knives”.

    What Anton Velboy is doing now: concerts for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and patriotic hits

    In an interview with the 1+1 channel, Anton said that he is now traveling with charity concerts in parts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: “In Gostomel, I went on stage with cans of cherries. I say: “Good afternoon! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine”. And that's all. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are ordinary men from small towns and villages – they protect our land. For which they are honored and respected.”

    Anton said a few words about the new song: “I was taught that war is always bad. I am a kind person. But this war awakened in me some kind of anger, indignation and a thirst for revenge on the Russians. What they do is scary And sooner or later they will answer for it.

    Under the lyric video “Vorogi on knives” Wellboy left a similar comment: “This song is not about war. It is about the invincible human spirit, about our victory, freedom and thirst for life. We are going through hard times, but it will definitely break through the cracks the light and all enemies will be punished.”

    Wellboy's “Vororogiv Knife” became a hit less than two weeks after its release, with over 740,000 views on the lyric video. Why? The song is very sincere, there is absolutely no posterity in it, characteristic of patriotic creations. The author clearly sings what he thinks about and what he experienced: the text mentions both mother, and the bomb shelter, and Taras Shevchenko – and, of course, enemies.

    We have one heartbeat for all,

    All the best verses folded at the song,

    Such a life, siren-ukrittya.

    Vorogiv – at the knife,

    Pass the frontiers

    Mamo , do not feed, why your son is far away

    We live like this, as if we had commanded if Taras did. Everything will be good in us, just don’t feed me: “Koli?” Earth

    Don't twist it.

    Vistoїmo, let's inspire new worlds

    I'm starting to open cherry gardens again in Ukraine”.

    From the point From the point of view of music, Wellboy's new hit is a bright modern pop-funk, which is perceived with a bang by the youth audience. more light than darkness, more peace than war.

    This shows the uniqueness of Wellboy's talent, his ability to translate negative emotions into light music, which also contains a hit charge.

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