“Vorskla” won the first victory under the guidance of new trainer: video reviews of games of the Premier League

«Ворскла» одержала первую победу под руководством нового тренера: видеообзоры матчей УПЛ

On Saturday, November 30, in Zaporozhye, Lvov and Poltava took place the match of the 16th round of the championship of Ukraine on football.

The Championship Of Ukraine. 16-th round

23 Nov

“Zarya” (Lugansk) — “Carpathians” (Lvov) — 2:0 (Vernidub, 54, Rusin, 87). Youth teams — 2:1.

“Lions” — “Dnepr-1” — 0:2 (Korkishko, 16, Kogut, 61). Youth teams — 1:1.

“Vorskla” (Poltava) — “spike” (Kovalevka) — 1:0 (Vasin, 38, penalty). Youth teams — 3:3.

Karpaty Lviv have arrived in Zaporizhia, having a series without victories in the Premier League of eight matches. Lvov resisted the attacks of the hosts until the second half when Vitaliy vernydub, who conducted his 200th match in the Ukrainian championship, successfully connected on a cross from a corner and header opened the scoring in the match. The final score was set at the end of the meeting Nazar Rusin, who scored his 10th goal in the top flight.

Head coach of “Dnipro-1” Dmitry Mikhaylenko before the trip to Lviv he said that his team is coming for revenge for the home defeat in the first round. And against Dnipro did it. In the first half after hitting Korkishko from outside the penalty area the ball ricocheted off the defender’s foot and flew into the net past the goalkeeper. The owners appealed to the referee that at the moment of impact Kohut prevented the review of the Upright, to react to the kick, but the goal was still counted. And in the second half after a cross from the right flank Kohut escaped the offside trap to head in from close range struck the goalkeeper. Thus, the “Dnepr-1” won the first away win of the season and climbed to the top 6 — at least until tomorrow, when your match will hold “Olympic”.

Poltava “Vorskla” was interrupted by a nightmarish series without a win in ten matches, winning at home stadium “Kolos” from Kovalevka. The only goal that brought the Poltava first victory under the leadership of Yuri Maximov, scored Denis Vasin, having realized a penalty in the first half — truth, to rise from last place “Vorskla” still failed, giving additional indicators “lions” and “the Carpathians”.


1. Shakhtar — 43 points (15 matches);

2. Zarya — 31 (16);

3. Dynamo — 30 (15);

4. “Desna” — 27 (15);

5. Alexandria — 27 (15);

6. “Dnepr-1” — 18 (16);

7. “Olympic” — 18 (15);

8. Mariupol — 17 (15);

9. Kolos — 17 (16);

10. “Lions” — 11 (16);

11. “Karpaty” — 11 (16);

12. “Vorskla” — 11 (16).

Scorers: 14 goals — Junior Moraes (Shakhtar); 8 — Bogdan Lednev (dawn); 6 — Artem biesiedin (“Dynamo”), taison, Marlos (both — Shakhtar), Alexander Filippov (“gums”), Victor Tsygankov (“Dynamo”).

In the 16th round of the Premier League on 1 December, will play: “Desna” — “Alexandria”, “Mariupol” — “Shakhtar” and “Olympic” — “Dynamo”.


Photo of FC “Karpaty”

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