Voter poll: For the first time, there are more people who want to vote for Trump than for Biden

According to the latest poll, the level of disapproval of US President Joe Biden has reached a maximum. A growing number of Americans say they would vote for his predecessor, Donald Trump. The Yahoo! edition told more about the change in the mood of voters. of voters: for the first time, there are more people who want to vote for Trump than for Biden , which was held from June 10 to 13, showed that if another presidential election were held today, more voters would vote for Donald Trump (44%) than for Biden (42%). Even despite the latest information about the storming of the Capitol on January 6 and the role of Trump in it.

Since Biden took office, no previous Yahoo News/YouGov poll has shown him trailing Trump. A year ago, Biden was 9% ahead of Trump.

However, Biden's job approval rating has been falling for much of the past year, and a new poll shows he has never been lower. Currently, 56% of Americans disapprove of the president's performance, the highest number to date. And only 39% approve. Three weeks ago, those numbers were 53% and 42%, respectively.

On average, Biden's job approval ratings are now several points worse than Trump's during the parallel phase of his presidency.

Among all Americans, Trump has a higher personal approval rating (43%) than Biden (40%). Nearly two-thirds of people who do not identify with any party (64%) have a negative view of Biden, and only 28% say they would vote for him, not for Trump.

This drop in Biden's ratings can be partly explained by very strong inflation. According to the poll, 40% of registered voters (up from 33% last month) now say inflation is “the most important issue when they think about elections,” more than four times the rate for any other issue.

Politically, this hurts Biden. Today, 61% of voters disapprove of the president's handling of the economy (compared to 58% last month), and Republicans now have an advantage among voters on which party is best at handling the economy.

In recent days, a series of articles have appeared in the press asking if Biden will run for re-election in 2024, citing interested Democratic Party sources. The concern is not limited to party officials. Just 21% of Americans think Biden should run again. But perhaps even more strikingly, a large proportion of Biden's 2020 voters now say he should not run again (40%), with only 37% of his voters who think he should run.

In contrast, a clear majority of Trump voters (57%) believe that Trump should nominate himself. And only 21% do not approve of it. While 57% of independent voters say Trump should not try to return in 2024, many more (76%) think the same about Biden.

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