Waiting for suggestions Mikhalkov: Alla Pugacheva has told about his dream

Ждет предложения Михалкова: Алла Пугачева рассказала о своей мечте

Alla Pugacheva has surprised his fans with a statement of intent to change roles. In the program “Time” the singer said, Director Nikita Mikhalkov has long promised to make a film with her participation, giving the role of a comic old woman. We will remind, earlier Alla questioned that survive to adulthood of their children.

She also complained that the Director is in no hurry to fulfill his promise.

“He said, “first you become a woman, and then we’ll talk”, — said the singer.

However Pugacheva has told, that does not give up in the pursuit of a dream and ready to make the film.

“I would like to play good Comedy, showing my path from childhood to old age… It’s the only thing I’m focused”, she confessed.

We will remind, earlier fans of the singer were alarmed her photo allegedly taken at 46 years of age.

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