Walmart allows you to virtually try on your clothes on your own body

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Walmart allows you to virtually try on your clothes on your own body

The person who wants to use the Walmart fitting room must first take photos of themselves with their smart phone.

Walmart customers in the United States will soon be able to be transported to a virtual fitting room through a mobile application used to try on clothes sold by the company.

Earlier this year, the American retail giant launched a first version of its virtual dressing room which allowed to choose, among more than a hundred models, the person who most resembled the buyer or the buyer. You could then see how clothes lay on that person's figure before buying anything.

This virtual booth's enhanced service, titled Be Your Own Model , will allow you to upload a photo of yourself in your underwear. Using this snapshot — and artificial intelligence — the app can then affix clothing to the body image with an ultra-realistic simulation, Walmart promises. The application recreates effects of shade and folds of fabrics, among others, to achieve this.

It will therefore be possible to try different models, colors and sizes of clothes in seconds, according to the retailer.

Walmart says that we will soon be able to try on more than 270,000 items from different brands, the majority of them for women, with this new function of the app.

For now, only the iOS version of the app will offer the feature, but it should be offered for Android devices in the coming weeks.

With information from CNBC

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