Walter White and Jesse: a monument to the characters of Breaking Bad was erected in the USA (photo)


    Walter White and Jesse: a monument to Breaking Bad characters was erected in the USA

    Bronze statues of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman appeared in the city of Albuquerque in New Mexico, where the main events of the popular TV show took place.

    In the American city of Albuquerque (New Mexico), a monument was erected to the main characters of the series “Breaking Bad” (Breaking Bad) Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. This is reported by the Associated Press.

    It was in Albuquerque that the main events of the popular TV show that ran in 2008-2013 unfolded.

    Bronze statues of characters who cooked methamphetamine, played by actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul showed up at the local convention center. The monument was designed by artist Trevor Grove and cast by the American Fine Arts Foundry.

    The opening ceremony was attended by the actors themselves, director and screenwriter Vince Gilligan, mayor Tim Keller, as well as local politicians.

    “Some people will no doubt say: “Wow, just what our city needs” And I understand this. I see two of the best actors who have ever lived in America. I see deep instructive stories in their tragic film fates, “Gilligan commented on the opening of the sculptural composition.

    It was the director, together with the company Sony Pictures, which created the series, ordered and donated a monument to the city.

    Walter White and Jesse: a monument to the characters of the Breaking Bad TV series was erected in the USA (photo)

    Helped in the fight against drug crime

    Series ” Breaking Bad”, which started on January 20, 2008, tells the story of a terminally ill school chemistry teacher Walter White, who begins to manufacture and sell drugs to provide for his family. He is joined in illegal activities by his former student Jesse Pinkman.

    The project consisted of five seasons and 62 episodes. The series has received numerous awards and accolades such as Emmy, Golden Globe, Saturn and Golden Nymph.

    According to AP, the show and its prequel Better Call Saul, which is on so far, have contributed to the revival of filmmaking in New Mexico, and also brought Albuquerque closer to the real fight against drug addiction and crime.


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