Wandavision: Disney + 's Marvel series reveals new images and unseen information

Wandavision: Disney + 's Marvel series reveals new images and unseen information


Wandavision continues to reveal itself, with new images and unpublished information … before finally a release date?

The least that can be said is that among current Hollywood productions, Marvel's MCU Phase 4 is surely one of the most disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. But do not panic, because one of the first series of the MCU should soon restart the machine on Disney +, namely WandaVision , which is could well be released at the end of the year 2020 on the platform if all goes well.

Indeed, the series recently unveiled a first intriguing trailer, which seems to stand out particularly in the landscape of Marvel-branded productions, having gone so far as to arouse our curiosity, in particular with its rather surprising aesthetic biases.

An aesthetic … intriguing

And the series continues to unfold, in a special issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine, largely devoted to the series. She shows herself more, with new images and exclusive information.

Thus, it is well confirmed that Wandavision will be a mini-series in six episodes or rather “six Marvel films” taking place just after the events of Avengers: Endgame. We will find the characters of Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany), who form a happy couple in a sitcom setting of American television of the 50s, in what seems to be an alternate reality.

If we do not know much more for the moment about the plot, Entertainment Weekly has nevertheless revealed elements that make the show even more atypical, in particular about its shooting. Indeed, we learn from the magazine that the first episode of the series was shot like an authentic sitcom of the time, namely on a set, live and in the presence of an audience, whose members had to sign very strict confidentiality agreements not to divulge anything about the series.

Very … theatrical entries

Thus, the pre-recorded laughs, which we hear in the trailer, are indeed genuine laughter from the audience present during the shooting, the two actors having made their entries and their exits on the set as in the theater. , which apparently would have them terrified far more than any villain in the MCU, according to Elizabeth Olsen:

“It was crazy. There was something very meta about my own life because I used to visit these sets and recordings as a kid, where my sisters were working on La Fête à la maison.”

Because yes, according to its creator, Jac Schaeffer, Wandavision is intended as a true tribute to the sitcoms of the 50s, shot in black and white with meticulous detail on the film set. This apparently goes as far as using contemporary camera lenses and lighting, but also old-fashioned special effects, especially when Wanda flies things. The way to be really in a vintage rendering, close to the aesthetic of what the showrunner calls the “golden age” of television:

“The show is a love letter to the age of television. We pay tribute to all of these amazing shows and the people who came before us, but we're also trying to create new territory.”

Wanda flying things … the old fashioned way

By new territory, the series creator probably means the fact that the series seems to be experimenting on its vintage aesthetic, in order to capture the alternate reality where our characters seem locked up. Because let's remember, before being a tribute to this golden age of television, Wandavision is also supposed to serve as an introduction to the multiverse for a whole section of the famous Phase 4 of the MCU and in particular Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness .

To see if the series will manage to accurately dose the vintage tribute and the introduction to the multiverse. Either way, it's getting more and more enticing, especially with these new announcements hinting at it could be a real breath of fresh air in the MCU. What to boost a little the Marvel machine, put on hold for some time by the pandemic? Possible.

Now remains to know when will begin the broadcast of the series on Disney +, and a priori, the information could fall as of November 11 according to the teasing of EW. In the meantime, here are some unpublished images from the series, to help you take your troubles patiently, in a nice vintage black & white.

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