War in Ukraine: 180,000 dead or wounded on the Russian side, 100,000 on the Ukrainian side | War in Ukraine

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War in Ukraine: 180,000 dead or wounded on Russian side, 100,000 on Ukrainian side | War in Ukraine

A man pays respect to flowers in memory of the victims of a Russian missile strike on a shopping center in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, last summer.

A year soon of clashes, the war in Ukraine has left nearly 180,000 dead or wounded in the ranks of the Russian army and 100,000 on the Ukrainian side, not to mention 30,000 civilians killed, according to estimates given on Sunday by the leader of the Norwegian army.

Russian casualties are beginning to approach around 180,000 soldiers dead or wounded, Norwegian Chief of Staff Eirik Kristoffersen said in an interview with TV2 without specifying the origin of these numbers.

Norway, a country bordering Russia, has been a member of NATO since its founding in 1949.

“Ukrainian casualties are likely over 100,000 dead or wounded. Moreover, Ukraine has about 30,000 civilians dead in this terrible war.

—Eirik Kristoffersen, General of the Norwegian Army

Russia and Ukraine have not given reliable accounts of their losses for months.

In November, the leader of the United States Army Mark Milley had claimed that the Russian army suffered casualties of over 100,000 dead or wounded with a likely similar toll on the Ukrainian side.

These numbers cannot be independently verified.

Despite its heavy losses, Russia is able to continue [this war] for quite a long time, the Norwegian Chief of Staff also claimed on Sunday, citing mobilization and armament production capabilities. from Moscow.

What worries most is whether Ukraine is going to be able to keep the Russian air force out of of the war, while it has so far been largely kept out by Ukrainian anti-aircraft defences.

The bulk of Russian strikes in recent months have been carried out by long-range missiles.

The Norwegian general also called for the rapid delivery of battle tanks to the army. #x27;Ukraine, a case so far mainly held back by Germany.

If they have to go on the offensive during the winter, they need it fast, Eirik Kristoffersen told TV2.

Despite urgent appeals from Ukraine and several European countries, Berlin on Friday refused to provide its Leopard tanks in Kiev.

On Sunday, the German government appeared to do an about-face, saying it would “not oppose” Poland if Warsaw decided to ship Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

These heavy tanks are present in the ranks of several other European nations, including Norway, but their delivery to Ukraine. Ukraine is in theory subject to the f eu green german.

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