War in Ukraine: old Mcdo's in Russia change their names

War in Ukraine: old McDonalds in Russia change their names

The war in Ukraine has a direct impact on Russia. The McDo restaurants there have officially been replaced by a Russian version of the American group.

Following the start of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the MacDonald’s Group has decided to withdraw from Russian territory. The 850 restaurants were therefore sold, then bought by a Russian owner. New name, new logo, new menus: the change is radical. The American giant has been totally erased from Russian territory after more than 30 years of presence. McDonald's restaurants are now called “Vkousno i totchka', which translates to 'delicious and point'. The logo represents two fries and a burger on a green background.

At a recent press conference, the director general of the Russian group Oleg Paroïev announced maintaining the jobs of 51,000 ex-McDo employees. They will therefore be able to work in the new Russian fast-food restaurants. He added, “I am very proud to have been given the honor of growing this business. I am ambitious and plan not only to open all 850 restaurants, but also to develop new“. There is therefore no doubt that the Russian chain will expand even more than McDonald's restaurants have done. The 62-year-old owner, meanwhile, is a former owner of franchised MacDonald’s restaurants in Siberia.

The historic location of the first McDo will welcome its Russian replacement

A showcase restaurantwill open its doors this Sunday to present the new menus of the Russian group. Its location is strategic, since it will be located on Pushkin Square in Moscow. This is where the first MacDonald’s restaurant in Russia opened, shortly before the collapse of the USSR. Then 15 other restaurants will open their doors in the Russian capital. The “showcase” restaurant was already visited a few days ago by the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. The latter ensures that the quality of service of the Russian group will be identical to that of the American group. However, the general manager of the Russian group Oleg Paroïev specifies that a rise in prices is to be expected due to the inflation that Russia is experiencing. Finally, it is also important to clarify that it’s for “values” reasons the American giant MacDonald’s closed its doors in Russia. What do you think of this new version of McDo?

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