War in Ukraine: 'We won't sign anything with a gun to our head'

As negotiations with the Russians continue via videoconference, Zelensky's spokesperson believes the Ukrainians are in a strong position.

War in Ukraine: “ We won't sign anything with a gun to our head  ;”

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“Territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine are the main sticking points in the negotiations”, said said Sergey Nikiforov, spokesperson for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in an interview with Le Temps. After three rounds of discussions during which the negotiators met directly in Belarus, for the first two, then in Turkey, on March 10, discussions are continuing by videoconference, with almost daily contact. “It is a good sign, continues Sergey Nikiforov, that the dialogue continues, but the differences persist. So I'm moderately optimistic. I believe, however, that there is a common will to find an agreement; proof of this is the shared decision to extend the talks

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