Warehouses empty: new foreign cars are running out in Russia


Warehouses empty: in RF new foreign cars are running out

Stocks of new imported cars in the warehouses of Russian dealers have run out. Huge sites are now empty and cars will not appear there in the near future.

The shortage of new cars in Russia is becoming more acute. The country has almost run out of foreign cars of popular brands. Autonews writes about this.

Warehouses are empty: Russia is running out of new foreign cars

Huge warehouses of automobile dealers in large Russian cities have become empty. Drone photos of several dealer parking lots near St. Petersburg are provided as evidence. Most of them are empty and only a few have a small number of cars. Each such site is designed for 5-10 thousand cars.

St. Petersburg is indicative not only because it accounts for 7% of all car sales in the Russian Federation (more – only in Moscow and the Moscow region). Previously, major assembly plants Hyundai-Kia, Nissan and Toyota operated in and around the city.

Warehouses are empty: new foreign cars are running out in the Russian Federation

Now all these plants are standing, and the import of cars in the Russian Federation under the sanctions has practically ceased (cars are imported only from China). Russian automakers VAZ and UAZ are working intermittently, and the range of their products is seriously narrowed. In addition, cars are produced in a simplified form without ABS and airbags.

In such a situation, dealers try to keep cars for as long as possible, which leads to a rise in the price of cars. Autonews called the market situation catastrophic.


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