Washed white clothes with old stains can be bleached and refreshed very easily


    July 28, 2022, 15:09 | Science and technology

    Even those that have merged.

    Washed white things with old stains can be very easily whitened and refreshed

    Later, any white things become yellowish, washed out, persistent stains appear on them. To restore their former linen, wash them in a machine with powder and additional, auxiliary, bleaching agents, informs Ukr.Media.

    Pour ordinary powder + 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide 3% (1 can) + 100 ml of ammonia (can be measured in the same jar where the peroxide was).

    Turn on the washing cycle. Wait until the clothes are soaked in water and heated (washing at a temperature of 60 degrees), then press pause. Leave the machine in this form for half an hour. Then, after the specified time, start the wash cycle again. It does not cause any damage to the machine!

    Dry and iron the items. They will be as snow-white as they once were!


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