Washington intervened: Kosovo authorities will postpone the introduction of new rules for Serbs until September 1


Washington intervened: the Kosovo authorities will postpone the introduction of new rules for the Serbs until September 1

The government of the republic demanded an immediate end to the unrest in the border region and dismantle all barricades on key highways.

The Government of Kosovo has decided to postpone the procedure for imposing a ban on Serbian documents until September 1, 2022, following a request by the US Ambassador to Pristina, Jeffrey Hovenier. This is reported by the portal Kosovo online.

It is noted that the implementation of the decree, according to which ethnic Serbs in the north of the republic must draw up a special declaration for entry and exit from the country for a period of three months, as well as apply for a Kosovo car license plate, will be postponed for one month.

< p>However, the authorities of Pristina put forward conditions to the Serbs, who yesterday staged riots on the Serbian-Kosovo border. According to the Kosovo police, on the evening of July 31, the security forces had to close the Brnjak and Yarine checkpoints on the border with Serbia, as the Serbs protested and blocked the roads. Moreover, a skirmish broke out between the protesters and the security forces at one of the sites.

In this regard, the Kosovo government demands an immediate end to the riots provoked by Belgrade and dismantle all barricades on the roads.

” On this occasion, the Government of Kosovo undertakes to postpone the implementation of two decisions from June 29 until September 1, 2022, when all barricades will be removed and complete freedom will be established in the north of Kosovo,” the government said in a statement.

International Protesters and law enforcement officers began a shootout. Near the city of Novi Pazar, on the border with Kosovo, the sounds of automatic weapons were heard, and an air raid siren was turned on in the city.

The NATO-led International Force in Kosovo (KFOR) responded to the aggravation of the situation in the border area. The ministry said that if the stability of the situation and security on the Serbian-Kosovo border is threatened, the KFOR forces are ready to intervene.


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