Water gushed from the statue of John Paul II. Many saw a miracle in this. Prices for “Pope Water” call for vengeance to heaven

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It is no secret that in very difficult times people seek comfort in anything that can symbolize protection and intercession.

Water spurted from the monument of John Paul II. Many saw it as a miracle. Prices for “Papal water” cry to heaven for vengeance

Around the world, many miraculous events have been reported, but various experts and scientists immediately attempted to dispel the theory of the existence of supernatural phenomena.

Miracle in Wadowice?

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The Middle Ages are a dark period, filled with fear of eternal damnation and frauds related to the so-called holy relics, which had to be bought for a fortune to make the so-called sin indulgenceó w.

Holy relics, whose authenticity was not verified at that time, popped up like mushrooms after rain, and many of them are still kept by priests today. So, when people noticed water gushing from the papal crosier at Wadowice's John Paul II Square, many residents were convinced of a miracle.

The media began to determine the causes of the phenomenon and, according to their reports, it is a promotional action of the authorities Wadowice, who decided to draw the attention of as many visitors to Wadowice as possible.

However, this is not the most outrageous thing in this situation, because the so-called “Papal water” bottled, marked with a sticker reading “Papal water” and began to be sold in souvenir shops for a lot of money.

Depending on the quantity, it can cost from PLN 10 to PLN 50 per bottle. According to one of the traders in Wadowice, the promotion will be a huge success, and the water spurting from the statuary crosier of John Paul II, connected by the authorities of Wadowice, will become their export commodity. He compared this situation to the fame gained by cream puffs once loved by Karol Wojtyła.