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Wave Keys test: 3 reasons to fall for Logitech's affordable ergonomic keyboard< /p> © Presse-citron

During the Covid crisis, the advent of teleworking was accompanied by a desire to be better equipped. Teleworkers have built more comfortable setups, so as not to strain their eyes and backs, among other things.

Manufacturers obviously sensed the right opportunity and imagined products that met the new needs of workers. Among them, the keyboard is undoubtedly one of the most popular accessories.

According to the report “Keyboards Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Impact and Recovery to 2030&#8221 ; the keyboard market is expected to grow from $100.96 billion in 2020 to $131.56 billion in 2025. Among the most popular models, the ergonomic keyboard, designed for bringing more comfort to everyday life, is making headway.

It is therefore impossible for Logitech, leader in computer accessories, to miss out. After a first attempt with the convincing K860, Logitech returns this year with the Wave Keys, a more compact, extremely efficient model, yet sold for only 79 euros.

After several weeks of test, here are 3 reasons to fall for the Logitech Wave Keys.

Wave Keys test: 3 reasons to fall for Logitech's affordable ergonomic keyboard

© Presse-citron

The Wave Keys is not flashy but its design does not leave you indifferent. As its name suggests, it takes the shape of a wave (wave) which, beyond the aesthetic aspect, allows you to adjust the position of the hands.

< p>Very light (750 grams) and compact, the Wave Keys is essentially made of recycled plastic (including 61% graphite). Like more and more manufacturers, Logitech explains that it wants to decarbonize its products, so the keyboard packaging is entirely recycled and the keyboard is certified carbon neutral. So much for the aesthetics.

Test Wave Keys: 3 reasons to fall for the affordable ergonomic keyboard from Logitech

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To design your Wave Keys, Logitech started with its first ergonomic keyboard K860and adapted it to the general public in itsLogi Ergo Lablaboratory. To avoid forcing users to completely relearn how to use their keyboard, the wave shape is less pronounced.

Test Wave Keys: 3 reasons to fall for Logitech's affordable ergonomic keyboard

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If the membrane keys (also plastic) do not breathe the premium product, the reinforced foam wrist rest (three layers), positioned under the keyboard, provides certain everyday comfort. It even contributes greatly to the ergonomics of the product.

All these adjustments are supposed to allow the user to adopt a natural posture when typing. In fact, it works! The Wave Keys is as effective as it is silentand can therefore be included in your teleworking setup as well as in an open space without disturbing the ears of your family or colleagues.

When long writing sessions, the feeling is quite good with a resistant start and a soft return (perhaps a little too much).

Test Wave Keys: 3 reasons to fall for Logitech's affordable ergonomic keyboard

© Presse-citron

Among the many good surprises, the typing position is undoubtedly the most interesting. Without any time to adapt, we quickly felt the benefits of this ergonomic keyboard. However, you have to type a lot of text continuously to feel these effects on the body, particularly in the fingers and wrists.

Wave Keys test: 3 reasons to fall for Logitech's affordable ergonomic keyboard

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Not content with providing obvious everyday comfort, Logitech adds compatibility with the Logi Options+ software. Already extensively analyzed in our review of the Logitech MX Keys S, this interface allows you to associate shortcuts with the F4 to F12 keys as well as the four keys on the numeric keypad.

In addition to the classic shortcuts, Logi Options+ allows access to Smart Actions, an automation system as complete as it is intuitive, allowing you to turn your keyboard into a control center for your PC or Mac. The limits of Smart Actions are those of your imagination as the possibilities seem endless.

Although these features will not necessarily be used by everyone (after testing them we abandoned them), they have the merit of existing and making life easier for many users. During the product presentation, a developer explained to us, for example, that these Smart Actions had become a real productivity tool in this community.

Test Wave Keys: 3 reasons to fall for Logitech's affordable ergonomic keyboard

© Presse-citron

The Wave Keys comes with two AAA batteries. Batteries? In 2023? Yes, Logitech is playing a bit of a schizophrenic by offering a battery-powered keyboard while maintaining an ecological message.

In fact, the idea is rather coherent. Because the two AAA batteries allow three years of use! A performance that would be impossible to achieve with a lithium-ion battery assures the brand. Not to mention the electricity consumption associated with recharging.

Should we really dwell on the staggering figure of “three years of autonomy”?

It's hard not to recommend the Wave Keys to users looking for a good ergonomic keyboard without breaking the bank. If the plastic appearance of the keyboard is off-putting at first, Logitech's latest ergo keyboard quickly convinces us.

Capable of pairing with three different devices (with an effective auto-switch), the Wave Keys shines with its ergonomic design making the typing experience much more comfortable… for those who write a lot.

If you don't type that much text on a daily basis, you will probably find what you're looking for elsewhere . On the other hand, if you feel the effects of office work on your health (joints, muscles, etc.), the Wave Keys will undoubtedly make you happy. All for a reasonable price.

As long as you combine it with other ergonomic devices (Logitech's Lift mouse is also excellent), you should quickly feel the benefits of ergonomic accessories on your health.

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