Ways to overcome stress, which are used by famous and rich people of the world


June 28, 2022, 16:36 | Business

The lives of rich people are often full of problems.

Methods to overcome stress used by the famous and rich people of the world

Stress is a problem not only for you and me, but also for those who are fabulously rich and incredibly successful. The richest people in the world talked about how they relax. Their methods are definitely worth adopting, Ukr.Media informs.

The lives of very rich people are more often than ours filled with problems. That is why they often find successful ways to get rid of boredom, fatigue, and nervous tension.

Help someone else

Multi-billionaire Warren Buffett often helps those who need help during big problems or loss of mood. And it is not limited to a simple transfer of a certain amount to one or another person. He comes face to face with someone who is sick or has difficulties. Do the same. If cats scratch your soul and you have nothing left, help someone who is less fortunate than you.

Take up your favorite hobby

Most of the rich people on the planet have some kind of hobby in addition to their main job. Those whose hobby is their job are luckier than others, and others are looking for something that amuses and pleases them. Do what you love most in the world as often as possible. In moments of stress and problems, this will be the best 'medicine'.

Start acting immediately

If stress has already made itself felt, don't wait for things to get worse. Jeff Bezos, the richest man on earth, says that it is necessary to fight the first beginnings of depression, fatigue and stress in order to prevent a significant deterioration of the situation. If a situation is causing you stress, take control of it.


The former head and ideological inspiration of Apple, Steve Jobs, always tried to give some tasks to other people in the most difficult moments. As for our life with you, it can be interpreted a little differently – try to always ask for help when you feel that it will be unrealistically difficult to cope alone.

Do what you yourself what works best

If you can do something that no one else can do, it's better to keep doing it. If you delegate those tasks in which your loved ones or subordinates are, to put it mildly, profane, then your stress will increase many times over, because you will most likely have to redo what you delegated.

Be with family

If your stress is related to being away from home all the time, be close to loved ones. Devote yourself to communication with children, take an extra day off to communicate with your wife or husband. If there is no family, be near your friends.

Relax in complete peace and silence

Silence is a must here I mean informational rather than physical. Take your family with you and go to the country or nature. Periodically arrange days without the Internet or TV. This helps a lot to fight stress for Mark Zuckerberg, who periodically secludes himself in an apartment where there are no phones or the Internet.

Get things in order

Do some cleaning if you feel like it's starting to blow. This is what the current Queen of England, Elizabeth II, does. She also works in the garden. If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle, the earth and plant care will help you achieve peace.


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