We are awaiting further changes in purchases. What will change

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This is the end of paper receipts!

Waiting us new changes in purchases. What will change

As reported by the” Strefa Biznesu “portal, paper receipts will soon become a thing of the past. They are to be replaced by e-receipts. The introduction of such a solution is, on the one hand, to facilitate the fight of the tax authorities with the so-called “gray zone”, on the other hand, it will allow our clients to take better care of their home budgets. Such a solution will also help our planet – all thanks to the reduction of the carbon footprint. Get to know the details!

Voluntary changes

The Ministry of Finance, which is responsible for the introduction of e-receipt, stipulates that in the first phase, the solution will be voluntary. It will be up to the store and the buyer whether or not to use the e-receipt option. The ministry has already launched the e-receipt application and encourages Poles to use it.

E-receipt is another element of digitization, which includes other aspects of our daily functioning. This solution will be a great help for the tax office, which will be much easier to control documents in digital form. It will also be more difficult to fake the documentation.

Good solution

The advantage of introducing e-receipts is also reducing the carbon footprint and stopping negative climate change. By resigning from a paper receipt, we will avoid the need to cut thousands of trees.

In the long run, we can expect that digitization will eliminate paper money from trading, which will be replaced by a digital form. This is already happening, just mention credit cards and online purchases that we make without physical money.

 More changes in purchases are waiting for us. What will change

What do you think about the digital receipt?

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