“We are broken”: the singer bared his chest in new clip (video)

«Мы нарушаем»: Ани Лорак оголила грудь в новом клипе (видео)

Popular singer Ani Lorak, which for the first time in a long time, made in Kiev, presented a video for the song “We break”, included in the album “follow the dream”. The video was directed by Alan Badoev. Video filmed in Italy.

In clip Ani Lorak sings about a new stage in life and recognized senses:

I was afraid to be happy, but
It turned out, so simple
I gave it a new life again
And now even more I
I don’t care what they say
I don’t care, I’m not hiding the look
I’m fine, I’m on the feelings
Here are my eyes and they are not empty.

In the clip, which was filmed in Sicily, the singer appeared in explicit images in short dresses, the top, opening the chest.

«Мы нарушаем»: Ани Лорак оголила грудь в новом клипе (видео)

Earlier, Ani Lorak admitted that after the divorce with Murat Nalchajian again in love and happy. She no longer conceals an affair with a young sound-producer Egor Gleb.

The singer regularly posts pictures online, sometimes stirring up criticism. Subscribers have suspected that the 41-year-old star overdid the Botox.

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