“We are discussing to find the right format”: Marlène Schiappa soon to be a columnist at TPMP?

““We are discussing to find the right format”: Marlène Schiappa soonôt columnist at TPMP? /></p></p><p> This Wednesday, June 22, Marlène Schiappa was the guest of Touche not at my post. The former minister made revelations about her future on television and with Cyril Hanouna.</p><p>On Wednesday, June 22, Marlène Schiappa was the guest of <em>Touche pas à mon poste. </em>She notably shared the publication of her new book <em>C’is a good situation, that, minister?</em>. On this occasion, Cyril Hanouna and his columnists questioned the former minister about her future projects. “<em>For the rest, what do you want to do?</em>“, asked the troublemaker of the PAF. “<strong><em>I like the media, you know that, and I think it’s no secret</em></strong>“, she confided. She explains: “<em>If I was able to carry these fights for equality between women and men, it is because the media were kind enough to invite me. »</em> <em>“Whether it's television, radio, the written press, these are good ways to pass on messages and to continue to defend the place of women</em>“, she said.</p><p> < p>Marlène Schiappa, soon on television? She wished to recall that being an animator was <strong>not her job</strong>. “<em>It has to make sense,</em><em>I don’t want to do a show to do a show, I am not a TV host</em><em>, that is. is not my job</em>“, she replied. Cyril Hanouna also made some confidences about his past exchanges with the former minister. “<em>We saw each other a long time ago with Marlène (…)</em><em>I told her: ‘For me, you have <strong>a talent</strong> and I think you should turn to the media afterwards.' “</em><em>I told him: ‘You will work with whoever you want.’ Of course, if you want to work with me, I'll leave you my card”</em>, joked Cyril Hanouna.</p><h2>After politics, television for Marlène Schiappa?</h2><p>Marlène Schiappa also shared her <strong>admiration for the host</strong> of C8 . “<em>It’s true that it’s Cyril Hanouna the first who suggested me to think about this subject</em>“, she confessed. “<em>He’s someone who has an immense sense of the times, who is a producer, who knows right away what will work or not, how to address the audience and</em><em>it’s important to him to respect the public. And that, I think, is something we share</em>“, she confessed during the show. She then responded to rumors about her arrival on C8. “<strong><em>No, I don’t have a contract with C8, we don’t have a project.</em><em> (…) We are discussing to find the right format</em ></strong><em>“,</em>she confided<em>. </em>Business to follow!</p> <script async src=

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