“We are entering the perfect storm”: Borrell gave a speech about the mistakes of the European Union and the global crisis

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The prosperity of the European Union rested on cheap energy resources and labor from the Russian Federation and China, but now a new era has come and it is time for the bloc to become an active political player on the world stage, the EU diplomat said.

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EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Defense Minister Josep Borrell, before the meeting of the bloc's foreign ministers on October 10, delivered a speech in which he recognized the fallacy of certain approaches of the European Union and called for a reform of the policies of organizations, in particular in the fields of defense and energy. The text of the speech is published on the EU website.

We have entered a world of radical uncertainty. Uncertainty has become the rule. Events that should never have happened are happening one after the other. It's time to talk between us about what we're not doing well enough and how we can improve our work,” Borrell said.

The EU's chief diplomat acknowledged that the bloc's prosperity was based on < strong>cheap energy from Russia and cheap labor from China, while organization security has been delegated by the US. Given the tension in relations with the Russian Federation and China, as well as the uncertainty of the political future of Washington after the elections, both in Congress and in the presidential elections, the European Union needs to look for ways to ensure energy independence and security on its own,, Borrell noted. p>

The European diplomat also named factors of the current crisis: war in Ukraine, US-Chinese rivalry, tensions in Taiwan, global food and energy crises, and security issues in the EU neighborhood.

We are entering the perfect storm >”, – said the EU High Representative for Diplomacy.

In the context of Ukraine, Borrell admitted that he did not believe that the Russian Federation would unleash a full-scale war, despite the fact that he was personally warned about this by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken: “We did not believe that this would happen, and did not assume that Ukraine was ready to resist as fiercely and as successfully as it does.”

In addition, Borrell spoke about the trends in the current situation in the world. According to him, this is a “structural” competition between the US and China, taking place against the backdrop of a chaotic multipolar world, in which Turkey, India, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico and Indonesia are also poles and big players in the arena. Borrell also named another factor – competition in a world in which everything becomes a weapon – energy, investment, information, migration. The third characteristic of the modern world, according to the diplomat, is the growth of nationalism, revisionism, plus identity politics.

Borrell called on the countries of the bloc to “think more politically” and be more “proactive and reactive”, to deal with emerging problems in and around the EU.

“We need to listen more to the rest of the world. We need more empathy. We tend to overvalue rational arguments and think we know best what's in other people's interests. We underestimate the emotion and appeal of identity politics. In addition, we need to be faster and take risks. You must be in 24-hour response mode. We live in times of crisis and must work in crisis mode. Be prepared to be bold and take the initiative,” said the European diplomat.

Borrell also noted that the EU needs to get used to the fact that in the future the bloc will have to make decisions that violate previously established taboos, as, for example, happened with the financing of arms supplies to Ukraine through the European Peace Fund. In addition, the diplomat said that while Russia and China are actively making progress in communication, including thanks to bot farms and propaganda media, the EU needs to take action to “win the information space and minds”.

” The Chinese are trying to explain to the world that their system is much better, they say, well, you won't choose the head of government, but you will have food, warmth and social services, better living conditions.And people want to live better We have to explain that there is a connection between political freedom and the quality of life,” Borrell said, noting that there is now a high demand for authoritarianism in the world.

“I'm counting on you, but the task is not easy , and of course we can do better,” the European diplomat concluded.