We are facing a tax increase. Many people will feel the decision of the Minister of Finance

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Local tax and levy rates for 2023 were not positively received.

We are facing a tax increase. The decision of the Minister of Finance will be felt by many people

Portal & ldquo; Nowa Trybuna Opolska & rdquo; reports that after the new year we will face another increase in taxes and local fees due to the high inflation rate in the first half of the year.

This means a big blow to business owners as well as ordinary citizens who ; they will have to reckon with further fees.

What increase?

The increases depend on the amount of inflation, which after the first six months amounted to a total of 11.8 percent. So this will also be the right price for raises.

& ldquo; Remember that the announcement specifies the highest applicable rates. Ultimately, they can be lower, because the decision on their amount is made by the local governments & rdquo; & ndash; according to specialists.

In the current situation, however, few people expect such decisions.

The real estate tax is particularly worrying. On average, they will increase by PLN 0.11 per 1 m2 in the case of residential premises, and even by PLN 3.04 for those related to business activity, which will hit entrepreneurs who are already complaining about the rising costs of their activity.

 We are in for a tax increase. The decision of the Minister of Finance will be felt by many people

Other taxes will also jump up. An increase in the tax on dog ownership has already been announced. Instead of PLN 135, the owners will pay PLN 150.91.

In addition, fees charged in spa resorts will increase by several dozen groszy. Among other increases, the following is also mentioned: tax on means of transport, land, buildings or parts thereof, as well as market, advertising and spa fees for stays in Polish resorts.

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