We are facing further large price increases in stores. What will go up this time

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Rising prices are taking their toll on us. This is not the end of the increases yet.

 There are more big price increases in stores. What goes up this time

According to the “Interia” portal, in the near future the price increases will continue to hit us hard. Soon the prices of cardboard packaging will increase, and this will result in further increases in the prices of the products packed in them. The increase in the prices of cardboard packaging is, on the one hand, the result of record high prices of raw materials, as well as fears of the suspension of gas and energy supplies to production.

Increase in cardboard packaging prices >

“We expect delays in the delivery of raw materials necessary for the production of packaging” – said in an interview with “Interia” the representative of the management board of Akome, which deals with the production of packaging for various sectors and products. Delays are related to the possibility of suspension of production at some of the suppliers of the carton.

 We are waiting for another large price increases in stores. What is going to go up this time

Carton companies fear that gas and electricity supplies to their companies may be suspended. In addition, there are exceptionally high increases in electricity and gas prices.

Both Polish and European paper mills intend to introduce an “energy supplement”, which is to vary from 170 to even 500 EUR per ton of raw material used in the production of packaging. In addition, there are price increases that change practically overnight.

 We are waiting for another large price increases in stores. What is going up this time

Unfortunately, the increase in cardboard prices is bad news for everyone, because it translates into the prices of unpackaged products. This will affect both pharmaceutical products, hygiene products and food products that are packaged in this way.

How much do you think this situation will impact on your home budgets?

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